Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to most, if not all, of the questions you may have about our service.  If there is anything you would like to ask that is not listed here, please contact us here, or via email at .  We will be happy to get back to you, and will update this page as necessary.

EasyInternetTV (and other IPTV services) use your internet connection, as opposed to a satellite dish or coaxial cable, to provide live television channels.  You will need a device (like an Amazon Fire Stick) for each TV, and these devices communicate wirelessly with your home internet connection.  There is no wiring and no drilling.

We offer what we believe to be the best TV service at the best price.  For $30 USD/month, we provide you with two full and independent IPTV services at one low price with thousands of channels, ALL major sports live, and optional adult content.  Why two?  Because as we all know, every service in the world has outages.  By providing two separate services instead of just one, we can guarantee a level of reliability that others cannot.  In the event of a problem on one service, you can switch quickly and easily to continue enjoying your show or event.  

We recommend, at minimum, 15 Mbps (megabits per second) for a single TV.  If your speed drops below this, even temporarily, you may experience issues.  Whenever available, we recommend fiber optic internet such as “ILOX” here in the Lake Chapala area.

Your subscription includes two completely independent IPTV services, each of which allows two simultaneous connections.  Thus, there is a maximum of four devices (TVs, tablets, computers) at any given moment in time.

Our IPTV service will work on any Android device, any iOS device (iPad, iPhone), or any laptop.  Basically any device except Roku.  If a customer does not yet have a device, we recommend Amazon Fire Stick 4K for its low price and good performance.  Click here to buy now.

Since we offer our services with no contract and easy payment, we suggest those who would like a trial simply sign up for a month.  If you are not completely satisfied at that point or at any point in the future, you can just choose not to renew without any need to notify us.

Yes, we have installation instructions available.  However, if you are not very comfortable with technology you may want to consider having it professionally installed which we can provide for a flat fee of $20 USD.  This includes a comprehensive orientation to get you up and running.

We accept all major credit and debit cards on this site.  Just click “Client Area” on the top menu.  If you have any problems you can contact us, and if there is a payment option that you would prefer over credit/debit cards, please send us a quick note so we can consider it.

Absolutely, your account is not locked to any specific location and you can take it anywhere in the world provided the internet speeds are sufficient.  There is no need to notify us, and no configuration changes to be made.  However, we strongly recommend a VPN when travelling.

Here in Mexico, it is not required but you may want to consider a VPN for privacy. If you wish to travel outside of Mexico we strongly recommend the use of a VPN.

Our default package does not include adult content, but it can be added instantly upon request at an additional charge of $10 USD/month for approximately 75 channels. 

Accounts can be instantly created, extended, or cancelled by our support team.  However, unless you are installing yourself, the limiting factor is how soon we can schedule a technician to install and give you an orientation.  We make every effort to be flexible and install within two days.

Yes, our service will happily co-exist with any other services that you currently have or may choose to have in the future.  Our technicians can assist you with installation of these other services if you do not yet have them.

Yes, all major pay-per-view offerings and other sporting events are included at no extra charge.  Want to have people over for the big game?  Now you can!